Krewe of Cleopatra’s 2018 Royal Court…. Drum Roll Please….

Hail Cleopatra!

The annual Masquerade Gala was recently held at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, where the Krewe celebrated its 45th Anniversary with the crowning of Queen Cleopatra XLV and the selection of her Jewels of the Nile!


Guests enjoyed dinner, dancing and fun!

A “ball” was had by all!

Mardi Gras Events 2018 Krewe of Cleopatra

Queen Cleopatra XLV – Mrs. Wanda Adam


Her Highness’s name was pulled out of the royal golden drum, destined to rule the city streets of New Orleans during 2018’s Mardi Gras Celebration.


May Queen Cleopatra XLV’s royal reign be filled with joy and celebration!



The same evening, the Queen’s Jewels of the Nile were selected to stand by her side throughout her rule.



Kristina Galjour

Quinn DuBois

Sherri Verrette

Starla Turnbo


Queen Cleopatra XLV and her Jewels will be rolling through New Orleans on February 2, 2018

Their theme for 2018:  “Cleopatra’s Animal Kingdom!”

Congratulations Ladies!