To apply for Krewe membership you must first complete the form below (NEW MEMBER APPLICATION).


On submission of this form you will be redirected to a secure PayPal payment page where you may make the $50.00 application fee payment.  Unless this deposit payment is successfully made at the time you submit this form, it will not be reviewed, and you will have to submit the form again when you are able to make the transaction.


After this form and the payment have been successfully sent, your proposal will be reviewed and if approved you will be sent an email notification and you will be able to access the member area so that you can complete the process by:

1) Selecting your Float Lieutenant

2) Agreeing to the Krewe’s policies for riders

3) Submitting a dues payment. 


This application covers 2025, 2026 and 2027 parades. 


Please note: Float Lieutenants will not have space available for the upcoming 2025 Parade UNTIL APRIL 15, 2024.  However, you can still select your desired float Lieutenant after your application is approved. Then you can make a “waitlist dues payment”, and be in line as a “waitlisted member”,


New Members who select a Float Lieutenant and who complete a “waitlist dues payment” will be moved to open positions when/if they become available. 


A member’s position on the the waitlist is determined by when they completed their “waitlist dues payment” in comparison to others on the waitlist.  Essentially, the sooner a payment is made, the higher on the waitlist the member will be, and the sooner they will move to the active roster.  


The 2023 parade originally had over 895 new members who paid waitlisted membership dues.  By the time the parade rolled for 2023,  855 hade moved to the active roster.


Members who complete their “Waitlist” dues payments in full and do not make it to the active roster for the 2025 parade will have their dues rollover to the following year. 

All waitlisted members from the 2023 parade who’s dues rolled over, are all now on the active roster for the 2024 parade. 


If you are interested in riding in the 2025, 2026 or 2027 parades, the earlier you apply and complete a dues payment, the more likely you are to secure a position as they become available.


Information regarding dues payments and policies will not be shared until your proposal form (below) and the $50.00 application fee have been confirmed.  For any questions please reach out to a your desired Float Lieutenant for guidance (or a friend or family member active in the Krewe).   Please notify us with any technical questions at [email protected].