2018’s Exclusive Krewe Member Store Is Now Live!

Krewe Members –
2018’s Exclusive Krewe Member Store Is Now Live!

Over the last 30 days, the Krewe’s Web Store & Inventory have both been significantly upgraded and updated. The items for sale have been sourced based on returning member recommendations and requests.

Checkout the first set of throw packages and items available for purchase here: https://kreweofcleopatra.org/2018-cleopatra-krewe-member-s…/

We are working hard to provide our members with the most exciting and highest quality Mardi Gras throws and packages, at lower prices than any in retail or wholesale stores.

This is just the first set of items! Additional packages and items will be added to the store regularly as Carnival 2018 approaches.

Please watch out for Email messages and posts as we will notify when new items are ready for purchase.

Have a Great Easter Weekend! ?