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A reference guide to “Cleopatra’s Animated Adventures”

Queen Cleopatra VII can be found in every genre of animation.


Sometimes Cleopatra is the story’s hero, sometimes she is the villain; other-times she is a victim,  more often than not she is the subject of another character’s romantic interest.


These animated depictions of Cleopatra(s), range from historically accurate in their representations (usually found in educational /documentary-style cartoon program and educational comic books) to the more fantastical, like those of the Golden and Silver Age of Comics (Marvel and DC) where Cleopatra has run-ins with a time-traveling Batman, a time-traveling Superman, a time-traveling Iron Man, and a time-traveling Dr. Strange (all in separate issues of course).


Adults may have bumped into Cleopatra in a variety of prime time animated series (“The Simpsons™” in a their annual Halloween special) or seen her crossing back over to the real-world in live-action adaptations of animated comics or series like “Batman (The TV Series)” or “The Muppets” (played by Miss Piggy).

DC Comics

Action Comics – Superman

Several Titles and One off issues


Detective Comics – Batman & Robin

Bodyguards to Cleopatra

When an ancient Egyptian frieze is unveiled at the Gotham Museum, the public is astonished by the depiction of the Bat-Signal in the frieze. In order to learn the mystery behind it all, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson ask Professor Carter Nichols to send them back in time to the ancient Egypt.

In the past, Batman and Robin witness the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza and also meet with Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt. The Dynamic Duo then solve the mystery of the murder attempts on Cleopatra’s life and during their investigations, they create a signal similar to the Bat-Signal on the pyramids in order to capture the killer. Upon returning to the present, the Dynamic Duo have learned the mystery behind the Bat-Signal of Ancient Egypt.


Marvel Comics


Cleopatra’s Official Biography in The Marvel Universe

In 41, B.C. Marc Antony, one of the triumvirs was given the Eastern sphere of the Roman Empire to rule. There, he met and fell in love with Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, who was also a consort of Julius Caesar during his life. Despite marrying Octavius’s sister Octavia, Antony continued to lust after Cleopatra. This led to war with Octavius, which Antony lost, in part because Cleopatra withdrzw her fleet at a crucial moment. Aware that Antony was furious with her, Cleopatra sent him false news that she had killed herself because of him. Thus convinced of her love, Antony fell on his sword to join her in death. Hearing of this, Cleopatra committed suicide by allowing herself to be bitten by a poisonous asp.[3]

Encounters with Time Travelers

She once felt strong feelings for Iron Man, who had been pulled back in time 2,000 years by her enemy, the mad King Hatap, who had rebelled against Cleopatra. Iron Man made his way to the court of Cleopatra and helped defend it against an attack by a Roman legion. Earning the gratitude and friendship of Cleopatra, Iron Man informed her of Hatap’s plans and helped her fight off his army. Fearing defeat at Iron Man’s hands, Hatap sought to use the charm to return to the modern era, but Iron Man squirted some oil on the charm, causing Hatap to drop it. Diving for the charm, Hatap inadvertently landed on an upturned sword, which apparently killed him. Hatap’s army fled, and Iron Man used the charm to return to his time, despite Cleopatra’s requests that he stay and rule by her side.


Silver Age Iron Man

(yellow Looking Robot before his updated look in the 70’s)


Tales of Suspense 44 with the golden Iron Man flying through ancient Egypt, holding a Liz Taylor look-alike in his arm! “Time travel!” I shouted, nabbing that issue off the rack. I nearly bought two copies—one for me and one for Mom—but finances precluded that. I did, however, vow that Mom would get to read Liz Taylor’s exploits as soon as I’d had my fill of Tony Stark. I could only hope that the expression on Mom’s face would be as ecstatic as that on Cleopatra’s flying through the air on the cover or in the story’s preview on the splash page.


Panel from Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme

#33 (September 1991), script by Roy Thomas and Dann Thomas, pencils by Chris Marrinan, inks by Mark McKenna and “friends”, colors by George Roussos, letters by Pat Brosseau


Archie’s Girls Betty and Veronica

Issue: 88 / YEAR: 1963

A reference to the popularity of Elizabeth Taylor’s hairstyle from the movie “Cleopatra.”

Cleopatra In Space

Cleopatra in Space is a book series written by Mike Maihack. They are graphic novels directed to children ages 8 to 12.

When Cleopatra finds a mysterious tablet that zaps her to the far, REALLY far future, she learns of an ancient prophecy that says she is destined to save the galaxy from the tyrannical rule of the evil Xaius Octavian.


She enrolls in Yasiro Academy, a high-tech school with classes like algebra, biology, and alien languages (which Cleo could do without), and combat training (which is more Cleo’s style). With help from her teacher Khensu, Cleo learns what it takes to be a great leader, while trying to figure out how she’s going to get her homework done, make friends, avoid detention, and everything else that comes with being the future queen of the universe!


Antony And Cleopatra Comic

A comic illustrating various scenes from Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, “The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra”, set in a 1920’s inspired world of flappers and drugstore cowboys.


Classics Illustrated is an American comic book series featuring adaptations of literary classics such as Les Miserables, Moby Dick, Hamlet, and The Iliad.


New Age Noir Comics – Darkhorse Comics

HOUSE OF NIGHT – An imagined secret vampire history of Cleopatra and her relationships with two great Roman leaders–Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

Based on the best-selling novels from P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast


References For the Big Panel 

  1. Jumbo Comics 41 (Jul 1942): Stu, Laura, and the Doc visit the queen.
  2. Red Ryder Comics 23 (Jan/Feb 1944): Alley Oop meets Cleopatra.
  3. Batman 24 (Aug/Sep 1944): The dynamic duo travel to ancient Egypt.
  4. Ziggy Pig, Silly Seal 4 (Summer 1945): The funny animals visit Cleopatra and dinosaurs.
  5. Jumbo Comics 92 (Oct 1946): Stu revisits Cleopatra.
  6. Marvel Mystery 85 (Feb 1948): Torch and Toro investigate Nathan Hale and Cleopatra.
  7. Alley Oop 12 (Mar 1948): The famous caveman visits Cleopatra and Hercules.
  8. Detective Comics 167 (Jan 1951): Batman and Robin revisit Cleopatra.
  9. Adventure Comics 183 (Dec 1952): Cleopatra visits Smallville.
  10. Strange Adventures 60 (Sep 1955): The Time-Conductor nabs Cleopatra.
  11. Lois Lane 22 (Jan 1961): Lois visits Robin Hood, Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, and Marie Antoinette.
  12. Adventure Comics 291 (Dec 1961): Superboy and Lana visit Cleopatra.
  13. Tales of Suspense 44 (Aug 1963): I which I receive my first exposure to the queen.
  14. Rip Hunter, Time Master 21 (Jul 1964): Cleopatra and Helen of Troy vie in a beauty pageant.
  15. Strange Tales 124 (Sep 1964): Doc Strange visits Cleopatra.
  16. Herbie 19 (Aug 1966): Even the queen can’t resist Herbie.
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