Krewe Member Application Registration for New Orleans Mardi Gras Season 2018


Register as an applicant for 2017-2018 Krewe of Cleopatra Mardi Gras Membership and Parade Package  by submitting the form below.

Please make sure to:

  • Use a unique contact Email (members may not share an Email Address with other applicants or members)
  • Use the First Name and Last Name Spelling that will be used for all application forms and member communications throughout the year

Beginning February 27th, 2017 approved, registered applicants will receive an electronic newsletter via their Email address provided in the form below, which will include login information and links to the formal member application, membership dues and informational pages, as well as additional important information.

After the submission of your formal application and careful review of your application, the Krewe of Cleopatra will determine if a membership position is available for you.  If you are approved for membership and Mardi Gras Parade Package, you will receive an additional Email with instructions to make your dues payments to formally become a member of our great organization for 2017-2018!

EXISTING MEMBERS – We are currently updating our member area and login system.  When you receive your member forms and information Email, you will be asked to provide a new password even if your contact Email has not changed.