An Alluring Mirage

“From the moment you are chosen, you have no idea about the thrilling adventure that awaits you!”

Mardi Gras Events 2018 Krewe of Cleopatra

There are no words to express how exciting it is to be chosen as a Jewel of the Nile. It was an honor to be part of the Royal family and part of Mardi Gras history! I have never felt more alive or more beautiful! I have never done anything this exciting in my life!!



From the moment your chosen, you have no idea what an exciting adventure always you!



And I was blessed to share this with Our beautiful Queen Abigail Breland XLIV the jewels of the Nile, Brittanie Breaux, Brittnie Hamel and Kristen Contrenchis.


One of the best moments was walking out the night of our Extravaganza! It was the first time my family got to see me and my costume!! I will cherish this moment in my life forever!! I loved loved my costume ! The Krewe of Cleopatra chose well for me!!



Parade Day! Wow!! It was thrilling! I rode on the back of a convertible to our float!!! I have never ever done anything like this before!! The people of New Orleans are the best!! They cheered for us and took pictures with us! It was wonderful and exciting!! Even though I was wet and cold for our parade, the weather could not take away from me the best time of my life!! I would do it all over again!!


My two beautiful daughter Queen Cleopatra XLII Myra Cancienne and Torylynn Greig were the best support team a mom could have encouraging me to submit my name.


The best decision I’ve ever made. My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner!! We joined this club to share a mother and daughter Mardi Gras experience!! We love love the Krewe of Cleopatra!


The Krewe of Cleopatra has honored me and my family by choosing me to represent the Krewe of Cleopatra’s the most Fabulous and Amazing all ladies krewe of New Orleans. I hope I made you all proud!! Mrs. Tuttie, Mara, Colleen, the Officers and their families work day and night to ensure our Carnival experience is the best time of our life!

I can’t say enough about this organization.

I love this parade!

I love this Krewe!!

I love being a Cleo!!

It was an honor, privilege and my pleasure!

Yours in Carnival,

Stacy Guidry

Jewel of the Nile 2017

The Mirage

Mardi Gras Events 2018 Krewe of Cleopatra